Giró del Gorner are a family with a long tradition in agriculture and vine-growing. Already in the 16th century we find the first referents about Giró del Gorner family.


Where everything start. The vine growing have been and are our reason for being. A respectful farming with environment and next generations.


Wines and cavas honest with our terroir. Tasting them will experiment our landscape, a piece of our land.



For years the estate was a place where people passing through. It was usual that the stagecoach make a stop at the estate to they cooling horses and relax travelers. This feeling of host has last for years until today.


In Giró del Gorner believe in the binomial innovation and tradition. Tradition. Only those who have worked on the vineyards for years know well. From their experience we feed future generations. They are a treasure that we want to keep over time. Innovation. Making the most of new knowledge to extract the best expression of the grape in to a wine.